How to Encourage by DISC Style with Carl Smith

Carl Smith, Master Trainer of the DISC model, returns for a conversation about how to Encourage people based on their DISC communication style. This conversation is the first of a series of five conversations triggered by the conversation Carl and I had the first time he visited and shared his perspective on what it means […]

What it Means to Talk Like a Leader with Carl Smith

Carl Smith is a Master Trainer of the DISC Model of Human Behavior. He has helped leaders at all levels learn better, more effective communication skills for over 20 years. He teaches, trains, coaches, and develops training resources to enable people to become persuasive and influential communicators. He’s also my long-time friend, collaborator, and business […]

The DISC Model of Human Behavior

A critical skill for learning to Talk Like a Leader is seeing a situation and framing your communication from the perspective of the other person. Tools that help you get outside your own perspective so that you can see things from another person’s perspective are a great aid both in developing and practicing this skill. […]