Three Things to Consider Before You Choose a Communication Technique

As a leader, you will communicate with people in many different ways and in many different situations. You’ll be in meetings, in coaching conversations, and responding to emails. The general principles of communication apply equally to all of these situations, and the specific approach or technique you use can vary a great deal. In this […]

What it Means to Talk Like a Leader with Kevin Eikenberry

Leadership expert, Kevin Eikenberry, joins me on this episode to discuss what it means to talk like a leader. Kevin has both deep and broad experience in both leading and helping leaders develop. Listen in as he shares both his perspective on what it means to Talk Like a Leader and practical strategies to do […]

Stay Positive, Avoid Negative

When we interact with other people, observe other people, and think about other people, we can go either positive or negative. If we focus on the negative, we likely experience more of it. If we focus on the positive, we likely experience more of that. In this episode, Guy discusses the power of staying positive […]