Communicate in a Way That Does NOT Convey Threat

There are things that all of us do that subtly and unintentionally create a feeling of threat in other people. When we do that, our communication effectiveness plummets. In this episode, I’ll share three places where we can unintentionally “threaten” others so that you can look for these patterns in your communication and replace them […]

Three Things to Consider in Written Communication

Today’s episode focuses on written communication and three things to consider (plus a bonus idea or two) before you write your message. As leading in a remote or non-geolocated environment becomes more and more common, considering how we communicate as leaders in writing becomes a more and more important idea. Additional Leadership Resources Take our […]

Listening – The Other Side of Communication

While this podcast is titled “Talk Like a Leader,” my real intent is to explore all the different ways we can become better communicators. In this episode, I’m looking at the listening side of communication. We’ll briefly explore both the barriers we face to become better listeners and the things we can do to listen […]