How the DISC Model Can Cause Problems for You

Properly applied, the DISC model is a powerful tool to help you become a better communicator. Improperly applied, it can cause significant problems for you. In this episode, I’ll look at how improper application of the DISC model can create problems for you and what you can do instead to use it for better results. […]

Avoiding Confirmation Bias – Stay Curious

A challenge that we all face in leadership communication is the struggle to fairly evaluate all sides of an issue before making a decision, and we all share the problem of confirmation bias. Most, if not all, people struggle with both seeking and honestly considering information and perspectives that are different from their own. This […]

The Coaching Mindset with Carl Smith – Cautious Style

This is our final episode in a 5-part series of conversations about the coaching mindset. Carl Smith is my guest, and we discuss the contribution Cautious style people bring to coaching conversations. As in the other episodes in this series, we consider both how a Cautious style coach can get out of their own way […]