Unintentional Threat Triggers – Inspiring Style

This episode is the second of four episodes looking at the ways each of us communicate and interact with others that can unintentionally create the perception of threat in other people. This week, I’m focusing on both sides of the interactions involving people with Inspiring traits. What do people with Inspiring traits do that can […]

Unintentional Threat Triggers – Dominant Style

We all communicate in ways that “trigger” other people. If you have Dominant style communication traits , you can unintentionally cause a perception of threat for people who don’t share this trait with you. If you don’t have Dominant traits, you can unintentionally trigger a threat response in people who do have those traits. In […]

How Do You Talk To Yourself?

We all have an inner voice, and we talk to ourselves. If this voice is negative, it can create problems for you as a leader. This week, we’ll consider how you talk to yourself and how you can make that internal dialogue more positive and productive. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. Download […]