Watch What You Say (About People)

You’re probably pretty good about what you say when you’re with people. You’re on your game. You’re positive, encouraging, and considerate. The question to consider for this episode is this: What do you say about people when their not around? Are you as positive, encouraging, and considerate? Or, are you more willing to let your […]

What NOT to Do with the DISC Model

Communication and behavior models like the DISC model are great tools for building, communicating with, and inspiring your team. Used appropriately, they can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your communication efforts. Used inappropriately, they can destroy your team and undercut your communication. In this episode, Guy discusses one thing you should definitely […]

Learn to Manage Expectations

When experience does not match expectations, people get frustrated, stressed, and angry. Frustrated, stressed, and angry people rarely work with energy and enthusiasm. They seldom bring their best problem solving skills to work with them. What can you do to minimize the risk of people becoming frustrated, stressed, and angry? Learn to manage expectations. Learn […]