Stop Using Constructive Criticism and Do This Instead

Constructive criticism rarely delivers the results you want. It tends to be received badly and to have little to no positive impact on performance. In this episode I’m addressing why it so often goes badly and what you can do instead. Follow: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio or your favorite podcast player.Additional Leadership ResourcesTake our free DISC Assessment.Check out […]

Separate Impact from Intent

Humans love to look for patterns and reasons for things and then to build stories that explain what they observe. That tendency can create communication problems when we let the stories we tell ourselves about other peoples intentions get in the way of discussing the impact of their words and actions. In this episode, I’m […]

Is Conflict Always a Bad Thing?

Conflict sounds bad. Few people look forward to “conflict” discussions. More people avoid or look to escape conflict discussions than actively participate in them. Conflict certainly has a negative emotional aspect for most people. Is conflict always a bad thing, though? In this episode I’ll explore this question and offer a perspective to help you […]