It’s Better to Disarm Than to Strongarm

In any conversation where there is a potential for disagreement, it’s tempting to try to force – strongarm – the other person in to compliance or agreement. While that sometimes works, it’s not generally the best way to gain agreement and cooperation. It’s generally better to disarm the other person – to take away the […]

Dealing with Two Potential Communication Challenges

Two situations frequently occur in leadership communication: the conversation that has gone off on a tangent and the conversation that need more time and you either don’t have the time or the information to finish it. This week, I’ll offer simple strategies to deal with either of these situations. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free […]

Learning from Skilled Negotiators

What does leadership communication share with negotiation? In a word – persuasion. Coaching, implementing change, and collaborative problem solving all call on leaders to address areas of disagreement and to lead the conversation towards agreement. That skill is basically negotiation. This week, we’re exploring key skills of negotiators that can help leaders become more effective. […]