Leadership Communication Mindset with Carl Smith

How you think about your communications with others – your intentions and mindset – will make a big impact on your long-term communication effectiveness. In this episode, Carl Smith and I briefly explore the impact of your communication mindset and how it affects your ability to Talk Like a Leader. Additional Leadership Resources Learn more […]

Managing Expectations and Building Trust with Carl Smith

Unmet expectations – spoken or otherwise – can lead to dissatisfaction and damaged trust. Damaged trust can, in turn, can slow communication and results. Using the DISC model, you can better understand, and manage, expectations in order to build and protect the trust needed to speed both communication and results. Additional Leadership Resources Learn more […]

Accept, Approve, and Appreciate Others

How we think about others affects how we interact with them, and how we interact with them often reveals how we think about them. This week, I’m covering three actions we can take towards others that will improve both how we think about them and how we interact with them. Let’s discuss the concept of […]