The DISC Model is a Good Enough Model Not a Perfect One

I frequently get questions about why and how I use the DISC model. One of the questions is: “Is the DISC Model the best model for working with people?” In many cases, my answer is some version of: “It depends.” In this episode, I’ll address what it depends upon. I’ll also give you two questions […]

How to Be Assertive Without Being a Jerk

Using assertive communication can help your to communicate more clearly and completely, and it has a risk. It’s possible to try to communicate assertively and slip over the line in to aggressive, jerk-like communication. In this episode, I’ll share three key principles (and two bonus principles) to help you strike the balance between being too […]

Using Stories to Coach with Impact

In a previous episode, I said “Data Tells and Stories Sell.” In this episode I’m picking up that thread to look at how and why stories can help you become a more effective coach for your team. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. Download our free report, The First 7 Things to Do […]