Know Your Source of Communication Power

There are three main sources of communication power you can lean on when you interact with others. In this episode, you’ll learn what they are and how they impact your ability to Talk Like a Leader. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. Download our free report, The First 7 Things to Do When […]

How You Can Blow Another Person’s Mind

Blowing someone’s mind generally refers to surprising them in some way – usually in a good way. There’s also a way that you can blow someone’s mind that has a totally different result – probably in a bad way. It this episode, we’ll look at how this negative “blown mind” scenario and what you can […]

Remember to Close the Communication Loop

Communication is two-way: message sent and message received. Sometimes the confirmation that a message was received is automatic. Sometimes it is not, and we have to make an effort to send that “loop closing” message. In this episode, I’m looking at times when “closing the loop” does not happen automatically, and what you can do […]