How Suggesting Ways for People to Improve Can Backfire on You

When you are in a leadership role, you will have conversations where you are discussing other people’s behaviors, words, approaches to work, and results. Eventually, you will need to help the other person find a way to improve in at least one of these areas, and you will be tempted to offer a suggestion for […]

The Power of Communication or Personality Models

Last week I discussed the problem with every communication or personality model, and this week I’m looking at the power of them. There are three things you can learn from every communication or personality model if you use them properly and mindfully. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. Download our free report, The […]

The Problem with Every Communication or Personality Model

Every communication and/or personality model shares a common problem – even the DISC model that I use and teach has this problem. In this episode, I’ll share with you both the problem and the answer for how to use these models even though they have this problem. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. […]